Our Councillors

Mike CarterMike Carter - Green Party Councillor for Aintree Village



Marion WykesMarion Wykes - Green Party Councillor for Aintree Village








Colm Feeley


Colm Feeley - Green Party Councillor for Aintree Village




Sefton Local Elections 2016 

Our May 2016 Candidates were


Merseyside Police and Crime Commisioner: John Coyne


Ward   Candidate
 Ainsdale  Barbara Dutton
 Birkdale  Bernhard Frank
 Blundellsands  Michael Walsh
 Cambridge  David Collins
 Church  Mike Carter
 Derby  Alwynne Cartmell
 Dukes  Bernard Draper
 Ford  Alan De Ledger St Claire
 Harrington  Richard Willis
 Kew  Richard Furnes
 Linacre  Marion Wykes
 Litherland  Ethan Wykes
 Manor  Alison Gibbon
 Meols  Sarah-Jayne McIntosh
 Molyneaux  Pierre Vicary
 Netherton & Orrell  Laurence Rankin
 Norwood  David McIntosh
 Park  Roy Greason
 St Oswald  Shaun Smyth
 Sudell  Carla Fox
 Victoria  Andrew Donegan



















Stand for Sefton Council

Although we have contested parish and borough elections in the last few years we have no Green Party councillors on the local council yet.  But we aim to change this.

So we need lots of enthusiastic, committed and hard-working candidates. We are particularly keen to ensure diversity amongst our candidates.

Candidates must  support the main aims and policies of the Green Party. See www.greenparty.org.uk for national aims and policies, and see Sefton Green Party's Local Manifesto for local aims.


our candidates at the General Election 2015 were

The time is now right to vote for a Green MP in Sefton, to represent a real alternative to the discredited policies of the big parties.

We had candidates in all three Sefton Westminster constituencies in 2015:

Lisa TallisLisa Tallis - Bootle

"As a Green, I believe that quality of life means equality of life. Everybody has value, everyone has something to offer. The Tories' vision of ‘managed decline' is being carried out in Bootle - by Labour politicians. Bootle constituents are being neglected, or worse, exploited, in the expectation that they will not make a fuss.

"The austerity-supporting parties would love to turn our wounded constituency into a soulless dormitory town flanking the expressway to the Superport, but I refuse to accept that someone on a low income, without work, or with a disability, is somehow worth less. Bootle has a wealth of local spirit and heritage which are worth fighting for. On the 70th anniversary of VE Day, I want the people of Bootle to vote to honour their past AND their future."

Laurence RankinLaurence Rankin - Southport

"Southport is often portrayed as a prosperous area, but in fact there are significant pockets of deprivation within the town, and there are real challenges linked to the ageing population, and the shrinking local economy.

"Sefton's proposed Local Plan would sacrifice large areas of Green Belt to speculative development and put major demands on the existing strained infrastructure. The Plan needs to protect our precious environment, while providing much needed social housing, rather than the inadequate so-called "affordable housing" proposed."

Lindsay MeliaLindsay Melia - Sefton Central

"I have lived in Sefton all of my life; growing up in a disenchanted, poorly represented area strongly motivates me to put right that wrong – both for the better of my own community and those surrounding.

"Since joining Sefton Green Party, I have taken on the role of Social Media Co-Ordinator and established an active presence on social media. I represent Sefton Green Party on a Regional level within the party as Equality and Diversity Officer for NW Region, and Campaigns Officer for Young Greens North."




Sefton Council Elections 2015

Last year we have candidates in all wards in Sefton. However Sefton Green Party will be mainly focusing on Church Ward in the local elections on 7th May, 2015.

Laurence Rankin is the Green Party candidate for that ward. He has lived with his family in Sefton for 25 years and is very pleased to be the candidate in Church Ward.

Laurence and the Green Party are committed to making Sefton a better place to live and work.

Following a recent residents' survey in the Church Ward, Laurence is aware that street litter and traffic are key issues.

Laurence says, "Clearly Sefton Council could do more to help keep our area clean and tidy, and I’ll continue to press them on this issue which, along with dog fouling, came top of residents' concerns in our survey. The cuts have put pressure on this aspect of council work but we still need to ensure that streets are kept clean."

"Merseyside has the worst figures in the entire country for pedestrian casualties. I want to see Sefton Council dramatically up its game on road safety, and this is something we will be pressing them hard on in 2015."

Laurence will also be fighting plans for building on Green Belt land across Sefton, and to keep Sefton free of the dangerous operation of Fracking for shale gas.