Sefton Greens call for rail freight not more HGVs through our communities

28 September 2016

Tom Crone & Caroline Lucas

Green Party Metro-Mayor candidate Tom Crone was joined by

Green Party Co-Leader Caroline Lucas MP on a visit to the Port of Liverpool today, Monday, 26th September, 2016.


The Green Party are concerned that the increased capacity of the port will lead to communities suffering as a result of increased road freight. The area around the dock already suffers from poor air quality and low life expectancy.  It is not unusual to find measured Nitrogen Dioxide figures similar to Friday's of 61.7 µg/m³ 50% above the UK legal limit (23/9/16 ref: More heavy road traffic could make this situation worse.  Life expectancy is markedly low in the two council wards alongside Liverpool 2 with 69.9 years for males in Linacre Ward and 73.2  for males in Church Ward.


Tom Crone called for investment in the rail network to get containers off the roads:


"Everyone knows that rail is the greener option, but it is also better for communities as they don't have to share their public space with dangerous, dirty HGVs. Yet in this case, the local councils are planning to widen roads to accommodate yet more traffic. This outmoded thinking needs to change."



Local campaigner for Church Ward, Mike Carter commented:


"Were once they had plans for a major freight rail terminal with trains running straight to hubs in the UK & Europe we now are being told only a minimal rail freight service 'might' be possible with only up to 10% not leaving by road.  Plans for 800+ HGVs per hour would at least triple the terrible impact on local residents."


 Sefton Greens joined by Tom & Caroline

Caroline Lucas continued:


"What is needed is a bold green vision for this region, which will see sustainable forms of transport prioritised, and communities made cleaner and safer with reduced motor traffic. Tom has this vision for LCR, while the other candidates are stuck in the 20th Century."

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