Our 2017 Sefton Green Team 

Mike Carter - Local Party Co-ordinator

Aintree Village Parish Councillor & Parish Council Vice Chair

Mike has been Sefton's Co-ordinator since mid-2016.  Currently also Sefton Central Area Committee Rep, Mesrseyside Association of Local Council Exec. Member, Lancashire Assocition of Local Councils Exec. Member and Aintree Village Parish Park Committee Member.

Laurence RankinTeam Member and Election Officer  - Laurence Rankin

Laurence has been a member of the Green Party for over 13 years, but has only become active in the last six when founding the Sefton Green Party. With a keen interest in the environment and social issues, Laurence believes that only the Green Party can help us build a future that is genuinely sustainable and fair to all.

Richard WillisRichard Willis - Membership Secretary

Richard is a resident of Formby, married with two young children. He owns a consultancy company working in the port industry technology sphere, in the UK and worldwide.   Richard is passionate about environmental and social equality issues and has been a member of the Green Party for 5 years.

David A McIntoshDavid A McIntosh - Team Member

David is a resident of Southport, but a Liverpudlian at heart. He has just completed an MA at Manchester in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response, researching the field of Refugees. David is big on local Transport, campaigning for better train links for Manchester, Preston and Liverpool, he also is enthusiastic about Regional Governments & a Federal Model for the UK. He has been a member for just a year, but is already part of the furniture.

David A McIntoshRoy Greason - Team Member

Roy is a resident of Maghull. He is a semi retired Professional Photographer specialising in Panoramic Landscapes. He first joined the Green Party as a member of the Liverpool Branch in the early 90's. Then joined the Sefton Green Party when it first formed in 2010. He is a keen Environmentalist, anti Fracking Activist, and a strong believer in the concept of The Citizens Income, believing that it would make the benefit system fairer for all. He has also taken on the post of Environmental Spokesperson for the Sefton Green Party.


Lisa TallisAndy Donegan - Press Officer



Dave CollinsDave Collins - Team Member